[FREELANCE] Appa Little Boy

hallo saya buat FF dari video ini http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYTmwvQyCIs&feature=player_embedded

nb: eng languange
Appa Little Boy

casts: Minho, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taemin and Yoogeun

by: elpezone.wordpress.com

“Anneyong Haseyo” whoahh… why appa has to greet to them, that’s my umma… woooaa really… she looks different

“Minho-ah, Yoo Geun-ah come here” guess it’s my umma, her squeal quite same like in home, but… her face… is she really my umma.

“Anneyong, come” wait… I don’t know you, I want my appa. Good thing my appa move his hand from her.

“Yah, is he your appa?” owh… wait is she Sooyoung auntie and Seohyun auntie… they look different, if they come to my house they never dress well even they’re not wear makeup.

“He Sleep yet?” Yuri umma asks appa

“No, he just finish drink his milk” my appa says to them


“He still young, he need lots milk right” kekekee… that’s my umma, she know what I like.

“Yoo Geun-ah umma… umma” Sooyoung auntie extend her arm to me, hello my umma prettier than you. I prefer to avoid her

“Yoo Geun-ah… Seo Nyuh Shi Dae” woahh Seo Nyuh Shi Dae? appa please… if they come to our house they’re not SNSD and because this is in the waiting room fills with people I have to call them SNSD no way!

“Maybe he doesn’t know us” Seohyun auntie says, that’s right. You all look different.

“Is he namja?” hello auntie, I am! Because my hair is tie up, apple style and its look like a girl

“Namja” yeah, Minho appa is the best. He makes this style for me and I still look cute right. Yah, umma what are you doing? There she goes playing with her tongue with me, if I do that then they will yells me.

“Look at me, I want to carry you too” see… she miss me… kekekee… cutie umma. Appa what are you doing? Are you checking out umma face, or you looking at me… hmmm sneaky man you definitely checking out umma huh! Sooyoung auntie I want that lollipop, hey cameramen where are you shoots, me… I’m the cutest one in here… owh… who is he? Why his hairs style same like me? But I’m still cuter. Appa I want to get down, your arm definitely hurt for carry me.

“Fix your jacket” Minho appa tell me

“Yoo Geun-ah you can do it by yourself, right” and I zips my jacket.

“Good one… good” Minho appa says, as he proud of me. And my aunties… yeah… my aunties

“High five” Minho appa raise his right hand and I high fiving with him

“Yoo Geun-ah good one, high five… high five” Yuri umma want to high five with me too

“Try cuter” Minho appa tell to my umma, kekeke… she become annoyed to me and she high five to herself, its looks like she clapping. Waahhh wahh… what’s that… big lollipop… I want that… I want that, umma… appa… I want that… Sooyoung auntie stops teasing me.

“Yoo Geun-ah says…. Please give me” Minho appa shook me, I ignore him that big lollipop is really yummy.


“You want this… and then I carry you… okay” Sooyoung auntie give the lollipop to me, hmmm… soo… yummy as I begin to lick it

“Don’t too much…” Minho appa take the lollipop away.

“MINHO-ssi” owh appa, my lollipop and he give it to me

“Yoo Geun-ah appa go work now” wooahh… no… I give him my lollipop, okay I’ll be good boy from now on

“Appa leave now… kiss…” I kiss him

“Appa bye… bye…” I turn my head to my umma

“So cute” Seohyun auntie squeal

“Yoo Geun-ah… comes here” my umma says to me

“Yoo Geun-ah appa is gone… huuu” huuh silly girls, umma would like if I unzip my jacket

“Yaahhh” see I’m right

“I want my appa” I murmur, Sooyoung auntie can read my lip huh? She walks toward me

“What did you says?” she asks me, I just ignored her

“Yoo Geun-ah this is the first time I got ignored by a man” Sooyoung auntie grumbles as I turn away from her

“Yah, that’s okay… since he’s my man not yours, so this is your first time huh?” my umma says, to her. I just leave them head to the door.

“Yah, where are you going?” I hear my umma voice

“Where are you going Yoo Geun-ah” that’s Seohyun auntie

“Yoo Geun-ah, let’s play with us” I grab the handle and then my umma grab me

“Yoo Geun-ah there’s appa” Sooyoung auntie tell me, she says in this room… really? I turn my head around searching for him but he’s not here

“Yoo Geun-ah, you’re okay, you not hurt right?” Yuri umma grab me, I rub my hand. The door almost hit my finger.

“Yoo Geun-ah, no you can’t go there stay here with umma” Yuri umma whispers to my ear, I just leave them. I want my appa, my lollipop with him.

“He won’t listen to me” no umma, I just want my lollipop

“Appa, it’s not there…. There… appa in there” Seohyun auntie fetch me and drag me back. Yah, that’s Yuri umma, she smile from ear to ear as she extended her arm to me and she carry and go to someone who sitting there.

“Is Yoo Geunie listening to you well?” Yuri umma ask him, that man who tie his hair like me before, ahhh his Taemin uncle, Minho appa friends.

“Not really…” yeah… I never listen to him; I only listen to my parent, my appa specially.

“Because I’m cuter than him so he like that” woah… hello Taemin? Even though you’re the maknae but I’m the baby in here so I’m cuter

“Yoo Geun-ah comes here” Taemin uncle extended his arm… no… I prefer with my umma, as I play with my tongue. They laugh him.

“See, you’re same like SNSD Tiffany are you? Can’t get along with baby” Yuri umma tells, yeah umma you’re right

“Truthfully… it’s really hard being friend with baby” Taemin uncle says shyly, they laugh him again

“Same like her” Seohyun auntie adding, auntie why you sniffing my hand… Sooyoung auntie wants to carry me, no…! no appa, I just stay with my umma

“Is it Yoo Geun has lot aegyo does he? Look how they want to stay close with him… he beat me he really is Minho son just look that” yeah… uncle, you right I got lots aegyo than you kekekeekeke… and yeah I’m Minho appa little boy

“Yoo Geun-ah… appa come back” that’s my appa voice; I quickly turn my head around that’s him. And I quickly go to him

“Yah…” my umma grumbles as I jump to my appa arm

“He loves me, work harder” Minho appa jokes with Yuri umma, she just scratches her hair. Sorry umma I love you too but I’m Minho appa little boy, isn’t we look alike.


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3 responses to “[FREELANCE] Appa Little Boy

  1. bagus chinguuu 😀
    boleh kasih kritik tak?
    kalau aku lihat di sini chingu ada salah penulisan sama struktur kalimat
    contoh di judul: appa little boy, harusnya appa’s little boy. terus yang ‘is she sooyoung auntie and seohyun auntie’ harusnya ‘are they sooyoung auntie and seohyun auntie’
    gitu chingu ^^ jadi biar lebih enak dibaca sama mudah dimengerti ^^

  2. FFnya bagus… pas banget kaya vdeonya..
    lucu… jadi kira2 gitu ya yg ada di otaknya yoogeun.. kekeke
    nice job..^^

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