[drabble] The Call

Tittle  :  The Call

Author  :  leechira  aka  catz

Length  :  Drabble

Genre  :  Fluff

Rating  :  General, T

Language  :  English

Cast  :

JYJ  –  Kim Jaejoong

SNSD    Jessica Jung

Disclaimer  :  I don’t own any characters here, but I do own the plot. It’s purely my imagination. Don’t copy-paste / steal this fic, it was made by me. And please don’t sue me. Thank you.




The crowded were busy pacing back and forth, so caught up and stuffed their matters.

He looked at the watch, 10 minutes to go. He spred his sight to the surrounding. The crew were crowding almost the whole part of exchanging room, meanwhile his two fellow bandmates – Yoochun and Junsu – were tucking in between.

Yoochun was busy with his accesories and his stylist while Junsu tried to fix his hair and changed his expression to calm one.

One of their big day had just come.


So did he, try to calm himself down, inhaled and exhaled in few times but the nervousness didn’t want to get out that way. So then, he decided to go out and grab his I-Phone with him as he peeked at the two members as he was leaving the room.


Two minutes, until he reached the rooftop of this hall. He didn’t know of how could he come up with that idea. He had walked out against the stream, climbed up the stairs before he got there.

He climbed up to a cement side, sat his butt on it. Four seconds he stared at his screen before  convincedly pressed and held on the number 3 of his speed dial.

Not long – at the second beep actually – the end of the line came answering the call.



‘Yo..boseyo..?’ the line repeated.


But he, just kept silent. Not knowing what to say, he stayed like that, as he whined for a more holding on. When he opened his mouth about to say something, he was cut off by the voice across the line.

‘Jae.. what’s going on?’

‘Nothing.’ Finally he muttered a word.

‘How long the times left?’ she asked calmly.

He glanced at his watch as he answered her, ‘Less than eight minutes.’


‘And I have about thirty-two seconds left on the phone..’ he said and whispered the last two words. ‘..with you.’

The silence covered them up, when he – by any coincidence – heard another voice across the line.

‘Who’s that, Sica?’


‘And I have about thirty-two seconds left on the phone..with you.’

She could clearly hear his words, including his last two though he lowered his voice down.

Unconsciously, she smiled.

‘Who’s that, Sica?’

A heavy voice was heard, brought her down to the earth. She took an excuse before leaving the confused Taecyeon alone. She ran, as fast as she could, till she approached the toilet and locked herself into one cabin.

She leaned her back against the door and focused back to her phone. She glanced at her Gucci watch and thought, seventeen seconds to go.

The silence seemed to be up for them.

‘Good luck..’


Thirteen seconds.

Ten.. nine..eight..seven –

‘I’m with you!’

She exclaimed softly, thinking and trying her best to reassuring her lover of life.


He didn’t need any explanation of how she end up hanging out with that guy while he was working overseas. Or ask for a long passage of motivation. Because when someone put a trust onto someone else, everything will be easier.

And the long-passage of motivation was  replaced by those three words coming out from her small lips and giving him a ton of spirit instead.

‘I’m with you!’

And the rest five seconds they had, just the sounds of their breathing that was hearing. And without they even had to ask, they knew that they curved for a wide smile to each other, implicitly, by the phone they had just now.


So when they hang up, he’d just jumped down the floor and gathered with the others for their final briefing before the concert. With himslef, getting rilex than he used to be a minute ago.



 PS : The settings take place on Barcelona, JYJ First Europe Concert, Oct 29th.

oke, ada yang berniat membaca dan berkomentar? siders, saya sudah cukup lelah. terserah kalian lah.

well, i am really sorry for the bad grammars and any typos, since english isn’t my first language. I didn’t have enough time to re-read to overlook this fic.





17 responses to “[drabble] The Call

  1. well, it’s first time i read fanfic with english language here ^^
    your english is good ^^
    for the story i know you can make it better than now (:
    keep writing chingu 😀

  2. Udah tahun 2012 tapi masih belum ada translate’nnya T~T
    masih menggunakan yg versi inggris…

    btw apa onnie mengenalku ??? 😀

  3. keren chingu!!just a simple story but it can make me happy and rilex.makasih ya udah buat cerita ini,kapan” buat jaesica lagi ya. . .

  4. Kyaaa it’s so lovely cause I miss jaesica sooooo much… Short simple story…

    I don’t know why, but english fictions make better feelings to read…

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