Suddenly Married!! (Part 2)

Title    :           Suddenly Married‼-Part 2 Author:          Uchikyasha Maincast:       Lee Sungmin, Shin Yoonji Supportcast:  Hye Chan Rating :           PG-15 Genre :           Romantic comedy, Love, Chapters/Parts PS       :           Selamat membaca dan semoga terhibur. Cerita ini pernah dikirim waktu lomba di blog Spesial Shin. Tapi, ini lebih lengkap dari sebelumnya. Part 1  Yoonji POV Kenapa sih susah… Continue reading Suddenly Married!! (Part 2)


[PROLOGUE] Two Moons

Author             : Dhona (heerinahn) Main Cast        :      YOU / Hwang _____ EXO members Genre            : Friendship, Romance, Angst Length          : Chaptered Rating            : PG – 13 Disclaimer    : The casts are belong to me and also with story. Everything else that seem alike to someone or something is purely coincidental.