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[Prolog] Top Girl

4 May

Title : Top Girl

Author : Sasphire

Length : Series

Genre : Angst, Friendship

Rating : PG-14

MAincast : G.Na, Kwon Yuri (SNSD) Jessica (SNSD)

Support Cast : ____

P.S >> maaf kalo banyak Typo-nya… aku sudah berusaha untuk memudahkan ya ^^

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Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling

17 Apr

Title: Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling

Author: lightless_star aka Jung Jinra

length: Ficlet


  • Yoon Doojoon (B2ST’s Doojoon)
  • Choi Gina (G.Na)

Genre: Romance, Hurt

Rated: PG

first published in here

Love Is Bitter, Pain Is Calling



Disclaimer: I only own the plot. the cast belongs to themselves. This story is just a fiction, so it doesnt happen to the characters in their real life


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you or him [part 4]

29 Apr

Title: you or him? [part 4]

Author : jymyuyumi

Main cast : jung yumi . cho jino . choi minho

Other cast: kwon yuri . G-Na

PG : 14 or 15 ?

Genre : romance

Length : chaptered

Disclaimer : owning the plot

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